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Planning Board Meeting 4/20/23

Additional Correspondents for Meeting

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Please Take Notice that as per the Mayor of the Village of North Syracuse, in response to the continuing emergency circumstances caused by COVID-19 pandemic, shall conduct its Planning Commission Meeting on April 20, 2023 commencing at 5:30 PM and to be held at the North Syracuse Community Center at the corner of South Bay Road to Centerville  Place unless otherwise specified.  The public shall be allowed to attend the  meeting following the guidelines.  Persons wishing to view the meeting shall be allowed to do so by viewing of the Village Facebook page.  Further, the public is encouraged to offer its comments in writing to the Village by email communication to no later than April 20, 2023 by 10:00 AM.  All comments will be entered into record and distributed to all board members.  Fax communications will also be accepted and may be sent to Codes Office at (315) 458-5079.  Mail comments should be sent to:  Village of North Syracuse Codes Dept., 600 South Bay Road, North  Syracuse, NY   13212.  All meetings of the Village will be recorded and later transcribed.  The transcriptions will be made available online upon review and completion as soon as possible.


5:00 PM 30 Minute Work Session.
5:30 PM Call To Order
Approval of 07/21/22 Minutes with Correction

Collection Center Property Company (Immuno Tek Bio Center)
445-447 S. Main St.
Site Plan Review/Approval


Greg Lancette, Chairperson
Planning Commission

Village of North Syracuse, NY