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Agenda: Reg. Board Meeting, Thursday, February 8th, 2024 at 5:28 PM – No. Syr. Comm. Ctr., 700 South Bay Rd., North Syracuse


  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge to the Flag
  3. Roll Call

    Public Hearing #1at 5:29 PM: Public Hearing to discuss the Onondaga County 2024 Main Street Revitalization and Beautification Grant Program. Onondaga County is offering municipalities up to $500,000 to improve Main Street areas. The Village Board will hear all persons in support of such matters or objections thereto.

    Public Hearing #2 at 5:28 PM: Public Hearing to consider the adoption of Local Law #1 of 2024 regulating of Smoking and Vape Free Zones. The Village Board will hear all persons in support of such matters or objections thereto.
  4. Minute Approval – January 25th, 2024
  5. Abstract Approval
  6. Budget Transfer(s) –

    a. Disuss/Review/Award Resurfacing Project at Heritage Park: Award Main Bid
    b. Discuss/Review/Award Options for Resurfacing Project at Heritage Park
    c. Discuss/Review/Reject all bids for Community Center Basement
    d. Discuss/Approve the Adoption of Local Law #1 of 2024 – Regulating Smoking and Vape Free Zones

    a. Approve the Appointment of Patricia Gustafson to N. Syr. Housing Authority to fill the vacancy created by E. Wass – Term expires 07/01/28
    b. Approve the surplus of the 2017 Ford Interceptor – VIN ending 58522
    c. Discuss the 2024 Comm. Dev. Monies and Project(s) to be considered – Set a Public Hearing
    d. Discuss/Review the Survey – for Station 1 and 115 Chestnut St.
    e. Discuss/Review/Approve the Retirement Credit for Trustee Bolton based on Calendar of Events
  7. Citizens’ Voice (please limit your topic to 3 minutes or less)
  8. Attorney Report
  9. Engineer Report
  10. Department Heads Report
  11. Deputy Mayor and Trustees Reports
  12. Mayor’s Report
  13. Adjourn (to Exec. Session if necessary)

    Unless otherwise specified, all items on tonight’s agenda are Type II actions for purposes of SEQR.
Village of North Syracuse, NY