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Agenda: Regular Board Meeting: Thursday, March 14th, 2024 at 5:29 PM – No. Syr. Comm. Center, 700 South Bay Rd., North Syracuse

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge to the Flag
  3. Roll Call

    Public Hearing #1at 5:29 PM: Public Hearing to discuss the Onondaga County 2024 Community Development Project Funding. The Village Board will hear all persons in support of such matters or objections thereto.
  4. Minute Approval – February 8th, 2024 and February 22nd, 2024
  5. Abstract Approval
  6. Budget Transfer(s) –

    a. Disuss/Review 115 Chestnut St. – Extension of Sky2ground contract to Sept./Oct. Timeframe
    b. Discuss/Review/Approve Gutters/French Drain at No. Syr. Comm. Ctr.
    c. Discuss/Review 2024 Main Street Applications – Karp/Dr. McPherson/No. Syr. Powerhouse
    d. Tabled: Discuss/Approve Short Term Rentals

    a. Discuss/Review the Onon. County Agreement – OCIDA
    b. Discuss/Approve Lewis Manor Labradoodles Agreement
    c. Discuss the 2024 Comm. Dev. Monies and Project(s) to be submitted
    d. Discuss/Review the MOU regarding the Therapy Canine Program
    e. Discuss/Review the 2023 VIP Village Public Improvement Projects – Sales Tax Monies
    f. Discuss/Review the 2024 VIP Village Public Improvement Project – Estimates for 2024
    g. Set the Public Hearing for the FY 24/25 Budget
    h. Approve the Appointment of M. Appel – Effective 3/16/24 – Starting $58,723/Annually
    i. Discuss/Review/Authorize the Mayor to sign the Town of Clay Fire Prot. Agreement Town 2024/Village 24/25
    j. Discuss/Authorize the Weekly Monitoring of Speed/Traffic on Belmore Dr. as a recommendation of the Public Safety Committee
    k. Discuss recent findings at 102 Highland Ave. by resolution Board to facilitate next step
    l. Establish by Resolution the Dates for the Annual Garage Sale Weekend: May 18th and May 19th
    m. Discuss/Review Water Line Project at Kennedy Pool
    n. Discuss/Review/Approve Street Paving – Schedule of Streets based on rotation
    o. Discuss/Review Set a Public Hearing to Adopt Local Law allowing us to exceed the 2% Tax Cap
    p. Discuss/Review/Authorize Mayor to sign the Abatement and Air Quality Monitoring Agreements for 115 Chestnut St.
    q. Approve the appointment of North Syracuse Vol. Firefighter: C. Carlin
  7. Citizens’ Voice (please limit your topic to 3 minutes or less)
  8. Attorney Report
  9. Engineer Report
  10. Department Heads Report
  11. Deputy Mayor and Trustees Reports
  12. Mayor’s Report
  13. Adjourn (to Exec. Session if necessary)

    Unless otherwise specified, all items on tonight’s agenda are Type II actions for purposes of SEQR.
Village of North Syracuse, NY