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North Syracuse Police – Community Partnership Succeeds Again

The Citizen Eyes and Ears of the Community working with the Police Department were successful in apprehending the suspect of another crime in progress.

Saturday, July 7, 2012, shortly after midnight a citizen reported a suspicious vehicle in the Toll Road Senior Housing Apartments parking lot.  North Syracuse Police Officers Linstruth and Quill arrived on the scene and determined one of the occupants of the suspicious vehicle entered an UNLOCKED vehicle and stole a couple items.  During the course of the  investigation it was determined the suspect had attempted to enter other vehicles but was unsuccessful because they were locked. The suspect, a 19 year old male from the Liverpool area was charged with pettit larceny.

As we mentioned a couple weeks ago in the Village Beat, there had been some incidents of unlocked vehicles being entered in the Village and surrounding area, and we encouraged everyone to lock their cars.  In this instance it appears some people heeded the advice as only one vehicle  is know to have been found unlocked by the suspect. 

Again, the eyes and ears of the community, you, the citizen partners working with your North Syracuse Police Officers, were responsible for bringing this case to a successful conclusion with an arrest of  the suspect and recovering the stolen property.

We appreciate your support and assistance. 

We are looking  forward to a few more people signing on to participate in a helping us organize a Neighborhood Watch Program in the Village.  Please call the North Syracuse Police Office at 458-5670,  8 a m  – 4 p  m, Monday through Friday, to let us know of your interest in the Neighborhood Watch Program.

Village of North Syracuse, NY