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Weekly Rubbish & Recyclables:

To look up what day your trash and blue bin will be picked up click HERE.

Syracuse Haulers handle all weekly trash & recylable pick-up and removal for all residential and commercial properties within the Village.  Any concerns relating to trash pick-up/removal should be made directly to Syracuse Haulers by calling 426-6771.

Blue bins for recyclables can be obtained by calling the D.P.W. at 458-0790 or call the Village Clerk at 458-0900.  We will need your name, address, and the number of Blue Bins requested.  They are usually delivered on Fridays.

Blue Bin Recycling Questions?

Unsure what goes into the blue bins?  

Please check with OCRRA for recycling rules at:  http://ocrra.org/how-do-i/recycle/recycle-at-home


GREAT NEWS:  the Village DPW department can now pick up E-Waste.  However, at this time, the Village can no longer pick up CRT televisions as E-waste.  Please contact OCRRA at www.OCRRA.org for information on how to dispose of this type of material. 

THE GOOD NEWS: Under a new State Law Electronic Waste  (“E-Waste”) Recycling can help rid your home or office of MORE than just old televisions.  The list includes computers, monitors, mice, keyboards, DVD players, VCR’s,  fax machines, printers and more.  These items can not be put in with your regular trash, but can easily be disposed of properly by calling the Village DPW department at 458-0790 to arrange for pick up.  You can also drop off these items at a local electronics store.  Click on this link for more details.

For info on Electronics recycling: http://ocrra.org/resource-pages/resource-page-category/electronics

 To print an information page: Electronic Recycling Information