Village Trustees




LouAnn St. Germain

Term:  July 1, 2018 – June 2021 (Special Election June 19, 2018 for Term thru June 2021)

LouAnn has lived in the Village for 28 yrs.; is married and has a son, Jeffrey.  She currently works for the Baldwinsville Police Dept. as a Communications Officer; and previously worked for the North Syr. Police Dept., part-time, in this same capacity.  She wants to focus on maintaining and improving the Village’s high quality Police Dept., Fire Dept., Dept. of Public Works,  and the Parks while welcoming new businesses to join with our existing new ones to increase our tax base.  She will look for sources to fund repairing and repaving our Village streets to help keep our Village beautified as we open our arms to welcome new families to our neighborhoods and continue to honor and value our seniors who  represent the strength of our Village’s past, “yesterday’s road to the future!” She is  a true animal advocate and wants to be a channel of communications to speak with those who can and for those who can’t!”  She considers it a privilege to serve the residents of this extraordinary community she is proud to call home!


Diane Browning – Deputy Mayor
Term: July 2015 – June 2019


diane bDiane has been a Village resident for 52 years.  She has served on the Village Board as a Trustee from 2003 thru 2011, was the Deputy Mayor from 2005 thru 2010 and was the Mayor from 2010 thru June 2011.  She has held offices as the Senior Advocate, Chairman and member of the Family Festival Committee, Liaison for the Planning Board as well as the Dept. of Public Works, currently serves on the Audit Committee, member of the North Area Meals on Wheels and a Commissioner for the North Syracuse Housing Authority.  Diane also played an integral role in the building of the Toll Road Apartment Complex.
She can be reached at 458-0900.


Patricia Gustafson – Trustee 
Term: July 2015- June 2019                       

pat gPat, a 37 year resident of North Syracuse, has 3 children and 1 grandson.  She is a graduate of Crouse Hospital School of Nursing, and is a communicant of St. Rose of Lima Church.  Pat was a nurse for 30 years for the North Syracuse Central School District – 16 years for St. Rose of Lima School and 14 years for Gillette Road Middle School; she retired in 2013.  She is a member of the North Syracuse Democrats, a 3 year member of the North Syracuse Lionesses, a 6 year member of the North Syracuse Family Festival, a 7 year member of the North Syracuse Planning Board, and was chosen the Volunteer of the Year in 2012 for the North Area Athletic and Education Center.  She looks forward to making a difference by serving the residents of the community where she has worked and resides.

She can be reached at 458-0900.


Artemas Steere – Trustee

Appointed by the Mayor 8/09/2018 thru June 2019.  (Special Election 6/18/2019 to finish Chuck Henry’s Term thru  June 2021)

Art Steere was appointed as interim trustee by Mayor Butterfield to fill Trustee Henry’s position from August 2018 until the 2019 June election, when a trustee will be elected to fill Henry’s position.  Art is a 2 year resident of North Syracuse, and lives on the south side of the Village near Lonergan Park.  He works as an engineer for Lockheed Martin, in material science (ceramic) and would love to talk your ear off on the subject, if you care to listen.  He also enjoys wood working, fishing, golfing, and TV.  He’s been married for 4 years to Mollie, who is originally from the Rochester area.  Politically he believes in small government, less restrictions, and that the constitution is still relevant today.  He hopes to help North Syracuse run smoothly, be financially viable as a Village, and foster a pleasant community to live and work in during his  tenure as trustee.



Summer Concert series at Lonergan Park finished for the season

Kennedy Pool closed for the season on August 28th.

Please call (315)458-0900 x129 if your Village Business is interested in the Taste/Experience/Shop the Village of N. Syracuse, October 5-13th, 2019

Village has installed its First Electric Vehicle Charging Station in the public parking lot on Fergerson Ave

Community Center availability can now be checked on-line. Looking to book an event or meeting? See the Calendar listed at the bottom of the community center page (under Parks Dept)

Yoga classes held on Mondays & Wednesdays at 5:30 pm at the Community Center. Register through the Parks Office.