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How to Reclaim Your Pet

Our goal is to reunite you with your lost family member as quickly as possible, for as little cost as possible, so call the NORTH SYRACUSE POLICE 458-5670 AS SOON AS YOU DISCOVER YOUR DOG IS MISSING.

Jessica Fowler is the Village Dog Control Officer.  She does her best to reunite a lost or escaped animal with their family, but she needs YOUR help.

ALL DOGS in the Village of North Syracuse must be licensed with the town in which they live, and must be immunized.  The Village also has a leash law, regardless of how well trained your dog is “off leash”.

Town of Clay (315) 652-3800
Town of Cicero (315) 699-8109.

If a stray is found, or a “complaint” is called in to the Village Police, she goes to the area of the complaint to pick up the dog. If the dog has no identification she has a CHIP Reader that scans the animal to see if owner information can be retrieved from a chip. She will also attempt to see if anyone in the neighborhood knows who owns the dog.

When the owner cannot be contacted to retrieve the animal, OR if the animal is habitually loose, or perceived to be an aggressive/dangerous animal, they are taken to the CNYSPCA (454-3469) to be housed, fed, watered, and observed until the owner claims them.

To Reclaim Your Pet:

In order to reclaim your animal, you must contact the Village Clerk and provide avalid dog license, proof of immunizations, and a $150 fee to pay the SPCA for care and shelter.  The Village is under contract with the CNYSPCA to collect and pay 100% of the fee directly to the shelter. ALSO if your dog does not have the required immunizations, they will be administered at the CNYSPCA and you are responsible to pay for them in addition to the aforementioned fee. The Village of North Syracuse does not receive any part of the fee charged, nor do they have any discretion to waive the fee.

If you reclaim your animal within 48 hours, AND it is the first time they have been loose, the Village Clerk will work with the SPCA, on your behalf, in an effort to reduce their fee. We realize that most pet owners are responsible people who, by no fault of their own, find themselves in a situation where their dog gets loose, so we like to look at each case on an individual basis.

REMEMBER,  if more than 48 hours has passed before you reclaim your pet, the Village Clerk cannot do anything about the SPCA fee of $150.


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